Award Winning Producer, Director, Writer & Entrepreneur

Animal Cracker on Netflix

On Netflix worldwide July 24, 2020

Harry Mok

Producer | Director | Awarded winning Actor | Entrepreneur | Writer

Harry will be working in the capacity of new and existing business development, investment relations along with marketing, sales and distribution. Harry has spent the majority of his career in the entertainment film industry and is an award winning Producer, Director, Writer. During the early 90’s, Atari games and Time Warner Interactive acquired Harry’s talents to manage a team of animators, programmers, Illustrators, and Designers.

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Lion Dance is a heart-warming story inspired by actual events, combining culture, determination and racism, while beating the odds within a predominantly Chinese community. 


The film opens in the early 50’s, establishing two respected Chinese families in an underground battle that will determine the reigning Tong of Chinatown.  


The Wong’s and the Chan’s, clash in a deadly all out Lion Dance battle, where only one family can prevail.  For the other family, it will alter theirs live for years to come. 


“Heart warming story of a boy and The Lion Dance.”


.   Lion Dancing has always been associated with Kung Fu and was restricted to mainly being taught to Chinese.  Michaels parent tried relentlessly to get their son in to the Chinese benevolent association where most of the youth were being taught Kung Fu and Lion Dancing.



Lion Dance @ Lion Club / San Francisco, CA
Lion Dance The Movie / San Jose, CA
Lion Dance - Club Nitro / LA, CA
Lion Dance / Palo Alto, CA


Open discussion of history and techniques from different systems of the martial arts.

With a network of resources to help the Martial Art Community.

Animal Crackers

2017 ‧ Animation/Family ‧ 1h 34m
A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a rundown circus from being taken over by their evil uncle.
Initial releaseDecember 5, 2019 (Portugal)

Created by Harry Mok with  Shaq. 

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A4M spearheads a Spring Congress in Florida each year, and a Winter Congress in Las Vegas every December. This winter will mark our 28th Annual World Congress.
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I supports and it shows in my Life!!

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I loved the Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood and the old Kung Fung fu movies my mom would take me to go watch.

I started doing lion dancing when I was young and martial arts followed right along with it.

It keeps me agile and fit and I have learned how to utilize healing techniques while becoming a very strong-minded person.

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My Awards

Harry has recently received the Presidential Champion Award and the Presidential Lifetime
Achievement Award earlier this year and has been inducted in over 15 Martial Arts Hall of
Fames. Harry has been working with Dr. Huang Ba (USC) in the holistic field researching
CBD-infused herbal therapies for cancer for the past fifteen years.working with Dr. Huang Ba (USC) in the
holistic field researching CBD-infused herbal therapies for cancer for the past fifteen years.


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